About Brookline Housing Authority



  • Created in 1948 as an independent public agency, overseen by five Board members, four of whom are elected and one of whom is appointed by the Governor

  • Owns and manages 922 apartments at 12 sites throughout Brookline, with about half designated for seniors and half for families, and more than 900 Section 8 vouchers 

  • Combining public housing and Section 8, BHA serves more than 2,800 Brookline residents, almost 5% of Brookline’s population 

  • 65% of BHA residents live in BHA public housing buildings and 35% are Section 8 voucher-holders living in Brookline

  • The Town of Brookline and its residents generously support the BHA’s social service programs and capital repair needs

Diversity & inclusion

  • 50% of BHA families and 17% of BHA elderly are diverse

  • 82% of BHA families are single parent, female-headed

  • Average income of family households is below $25,000 – less than 25% of Greater Boston Area Median Income

  • More than 30% of BHA residents have a disability

  • More than 22 languages are spoken at BHA, including Albanian, Cape Verdean Creole, Kazahk, Korean, Mandarin, Nepali, Pashto, Russian, Spanish, Tamang and Vietnamese

  •  BHA gives preference to current Brookline residents, allowing senior citizens and others to remain in their community.  BHA also prioritizes households with urgent needs including those at risk of homelessness and those fleeing domestic violence  

  • More than half of BHA staff are female and 53 percent are diverse; several staff live in or receive public housing support

86 Dummer Street

  • BHA completed 86 Dummer Street in 2015.  The 32-unit property is the largest affordable housing development in Brookline in more than 35 years.   

  • More than 1,900 households applied for the 32 apartments  

A New Lease, by Aynsley Floyd, profiles three families who live in Brookline's new affordable housing property at 86 Dummer Street. The film was produced through BIG’s Community Production Grants program.

Resident services

  • BHA offers 12 different no-cost resident service programs including ESOL classes, drop-in after school programming for students, career development support, financial and computer literacy classes, and income tax preparation. 

  • BHA partners with an array of service providers - Allston Brighton CFMP, Brookline Food Pantry, Brookline Center, Springwell, Steps to Success, Vinfen, Women and Girls Thriving, among others