Canvassing in Coolidge Corner

A friendly tourist snapped a photo of me at our canvass this past weekend! I’ve enjoyed speaking to Brookline residents about my priorities, including working with our diverse BHA residents, increasing resident services and support, safeguarding against racism and discrimination, and rehabilitating and preserving existing properties.

We’ll be out again this weekend- be sure to say hi if you see our signs! You can also contact me at with any questions or concerns.

At the Congressional Roundtable with Rep. Ayanna Pressley!

I was happy to speak with Representative Pressley again at the Congressional Roundtable. This week, the Representative spoke about the importance of public housing and the impacts of housing on health outcomes. With so many public housing authorities nationwide having to vacate units due to lack of maintenance funding, we are proud at the BHA to have an incredibly low vacancy rate of less than 2%.